We all deserve respect, acceptance and compassion.


Touch is a basic human need that begins as we are forming inside the womb, completely enveloped by our mothers. It is recognized and accepted that positive touch, starting with parents, family and friends, is a key part of the development of a child. As we get older we sometimes forget or ignore the fact that human touch is still a vital component of our health.

Certified Professional Cuddlers recognize the need for continued positive touch throughout our lives whether it be during a difficult or transitional time, overcoming trauma or as personal maintenance in conjunction with other well-being practices.

My goal is to provide you with a safe space to feel respected, accepted and worthy for exactly who you are in this moment.



Benefits of Cuddling

People utilize this service for various reasons but there is some science behind cuddling.

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I truly believe in the healing power of human touch.

My professional goal is to take the time to listen and help create the experience which brings you the most nourishment.

We all deserve happiness and each of us has unique gifts. I feel thankful for the opportunity to appreciate others through my work.

I am here to share peaceful cuddles with you.

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